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Hot sale BW-250 Mud Pump MADE IN CHINA

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Hot sale BW-250 Mud Pump MADE IN CHINA

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Hot sale BW-250 Mud Pump MADE IN CHINA

The pump has two kinds of cylinder diameters and four block variables, and the large cylinder is used for the matching of 1000m large-caliber drilling rig, and the small cylinder is used for the matching of the 1500 m small diameter drilling rig.It is mainly used to transport mud with core drilling rig, and can also be used for other aspects such as grouting, mine drainage and water delivery.

The main features






1. It has the four blocking flow required for the small diameter drilling rig, the range of flow adjustment is large, and the parameters are reasonable.It can be used with XY-4 core drill and XY-5 rig.It can meet the needs of different caliber, hole depth and different geological core drilling.





2. Piston is a self-styled s-type polyurethane rubber piston with a bowl shape and nylon backing, which greatly improves the service life.


3. There are five dustproof seals on the pull rod to prevent the liquid end of the mud from being carried into the power end and the power end lubricant.It is proved by many production tests that the seal is reliable and the performance is good.Lead gear to extend service life.

4. Steel ball is adopted for inlet and drain valve.The valve cover is equipped with a sound reduction rubber pad to reduce the impact noise.

5. Pressure gauges adopt BY-1 type seismic pressure gauge with long life.

6. Compact structure and beautiful appearance.

7. Good removable and easy to repair and relocate.


stroke length(mm):100

cylinder diameter(mm) :80 65

Pump Speed (min-1:200 116 72 42 200 116 72 42

Pressure(MPa):  2.5 4.5 6.0 6.0 4.0 6.0 7.0 7.0

Flux (liter/minutes): 250 145 90 52 166 96 60 35

Plot ratio(%) 85

Total Efficiency (%) 72

Required Power(Kw) 15

Triangular pulley diameter(mm)B type X 5 groove 410

 Maximum suction height(m) 2.5

Inlet inside diameter(mm)

Drainage diameter(mm)

External Size Long* Width* Height(mm) 1100 X 995 X 650


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