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China Hebei drilling Machine ZLJ-350

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China Hebei drilling Machine ZLJ-350

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China Hebei  drilling Machine ZLJ-350

The main features :

1, with oil pressure automatic feeding mechanism, improve drilling efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
2. The ball card holding mechanism can be used to realize the no-stop lever, easy to operate and safe and reliable.
3. The handle is centralized and easy to operate.
Equipped with hole bottom pressure gauge to indicate pressure, easy to grasp the situation in the hole.
4. The structure is compact, and the drill, water pump and power engine (diesel or motor) are assembled on the same base, which occupies a small area of the airport.
Light weight, strong decomposition, easy to move.

This drill is suitable for drilling and drilling of solid mineral deposits and engineering geological survey.
The base of the base material is different, can choose the diamond, alloy and steel and so on bit drilling.
When the final hole is 75mm and 46mm respectively, the rated borehole depth is 100m and 180m respectively.
It shall not exceed 110% of the depth of drilling, and the maximum opening diameter shall be 150mm

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