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Safety knowledge of drill hole drilling

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1. Call before you drive.
2. Always pay attention to the normal sound of motor bushing and other noises during operation.
3. After the main shaft has completely stopped, the motor shall be switched on.
4. Do not check and wipe and lubricator during operation.
5. When connecting the rod, first check the small lock, and must operate when it is safe and reliable.
6. When the body is moving, it must be directed by a special person to command the distance of three meters from the car body.
7. Retract the brick before removing the car. The cable and wind line shall be responsible for the prevention of the crushing.
8. When moving along the edge of the parallel step, the center line of the vehicle body is not less than 4 meters from the edge of the cliff.
9. When moving the car, it is necessary to adjust the walking circle to ensure the flexibility and efficiency. When approaching the edge of the cliff, a power cut or action method will be used to move slowly, so as to avoid the sports car.
When going down the slope, the drill pipe should be put down, and its slope is no more than 20 degrees.
11. No operation should be done when the burrow is less than 2.5 meters.
12. When moving the cable, use the cable hook and forbid the pulling of the bare hand.
13. The drilling machine must be opened out to avoid the gun.
14. Night work should be well illuminated.
It is strictly forbidden to leave the job in the work.

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